ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE)- There are senior pranks and then there are senior pranks that can get kids arrested. That may be the case at a Roswell high school where students broke into the school and trashed it.

Senior pranks are a tradition at many high schools. A way to go out with a bang, but this prank at Roswell High School went too far.

Horse manure, maple syrup and paintballs were involved. This went beyond an innocent prank. Now police are involved.

The school was completely trashed with cow manure, toilet paper everywhere, furniture strewn about, flour on the floor, sharpies on the tile, maple syrup and paintballs. The vandals were there for a while, they even stacked the garbage cans in the cafeteria.

Police say around 3 a.m. Monday officers responded to an alarm going off at Roswell High. They say a large group was just down the road from the school. The students tried to run but were quickly caught.

Sources tell us some prominent students without a history if infractions were involved. It is unclear what will happen to the graduating seniors with graduation two days away. KRQE tried to reach the principal all day but were told he was in meetings non-stop. The superintendent says they’re looking into it.

Police say that charges will be up to school officials.