ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One display lights up the Botanic Garden in a unique way using the power of technology. It’s a farmhouse by day and a decked-out light display by night. However, creating this musical display at the Rio Grande Heritage Farm can be tricky.

KRQE visited the crew back in July as they worked out the kinks of the computer-generated light show. There are no computer engineers on the team but with a little bit of help, they were able to figure it all out.

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“The people that we ordered the lights from were nice enough to talk to us about it and they gave us some pointers,” said a River of Lights worker. “They offered to come and help us do it, but we had to learn it because we’re the ones putting it up and stuff.”

The music and motions are saved to a tiny SD card and the panels are filled with hundreds of lights are then hauled out to the farmhouse. The pixels then light up to all the Christmas classics, giving guests a light show within a light show.

The River of Lights is from November 26 to December 30. Tickets can be found here.