RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – A Rio Rancho man is on a mission to find the owner of a lost wedding ring. He says he has lost important things before and that’s why he’s making a big effort to return it.

Rudy Herman says he was driving on 528 and Sundt Road in Rio Rancho last week when he noticed credit cards, a purse and something else that caught his eye, so he pulled over.

“As I was walking I found it in a little bit of dirt on the curb in the median…and I just happen to pick it up and it was a ring.” Herman said. ” I didn’t think it would be, I thought it would be like, a piece of brass or just a little piece of metal or something, but it turned out to be a ring.”

He turned in the credit cards and driver’s license into police, but knew he wanted to find the owner of the men’s wedding band.

Several years ago, Herman says his wife also lost her ring.

“They couldn’t find it and so we figured, well maybe with karma that if we did that it would really help her get hers back,” Herman said.

So he turned to Craigslist.

“It’s the right thing to do,” he said.

Herman says he has no idea how the ring could have ended up here, but knows it could be special to someone.

“Just to find somebody they might be missing it, maybe they’ve, you know, been really emotional, maybe they forgot and this would be a way to help them remember or to get it back,” Herman said.

Inside, the ring is engraved with a date and the name “Maria.”

Herman doesn’t want to give away too many details about the ring so the right person can identify it. For a link to the Craigslist post, click here.