RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – A city councilor in the Albuquerque-area recently made a whopper of a mistake. She accidentally sent a nasty text to a judge, and the judge filed a complaint against her.

“I sincerely apologize to the citizens of Rio Rancho,” City Councilor Cheryl Everett said.

The Rio Rancho city councilor is making a public apology after using her city-issued cellphone to send an unflattering text message to the wrong person. It was sent to a judge who had recently been given a different phone by the city.

“It had passed from the person that I thought I was communicating with to Judge Cook,” said Everett.

Judge G. Robert Cook is the city’s municipal judge. He said Everett sent him a text last month that read, “F*** Judge Cook. Hope you agree. :)”

“It was F star, star star,” said Everett.

So Judge Cook filed an ethics complaint against her. He said he had issues speaking with Everett about talking to the council about getting a fill-in judge.

Everett said she immediately tried to apologize, but Cook said she tried to cover it up and claimed she was hacked.

“I have to think that he and or someone in his circle didn’t want to settle it peacefully,” said Everett.

However, she said the judge had “irked” her for an entirely different reason.

“He has been very critical of our city council and especially our city manager who is an appointed official and doesn’t deserve to be attacked in that fashion,” said Everett.

An ethics official rejected the complaint, saying Judge Cook did not allege a violation of any specific section of the ethics ordinance.

“Certainly going forward I will focus on being more professional and productive and make sure I know who I’m talking to before I start talking,” said Everett.

The city said since the ethics complaint was dismissed, the city councilor will not face any punishment or have her phone privileges taken away.

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