HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – A popular Texas rapper was attacked at his show and hit in the head with a bottle after witnesses say he bad-mouthed New Mexico.

Over the weekend, Houston rapper Kirko Bangz took a trip to New Mexico that didn’t end so well.

“One of the men that was in the altercation turned around and started hitting him and so they got in a fight, we separated them two, we took that man over to the corner and then as soon as we took him away his friend picked up a bottle and hit him over the head with it,” said Megan Runnels, who worked security for the show.

According to locals, there was already some bad blood from a show Kirko had put on before in Hobbs, where he had talked trash about some of the local rappers.

“Down here in Hobbs you can’t really say that about people because they are trying to make it and once upon a time Kirko was a local rapper so I don’t understand why he would sit there and diss everybody trying to make it in the rap industry,” said Runnels.

Everything appeared to have calmed down at the show the La Sierra Night Club Saturday night ,until the meet in greet afterwards, where witnesses say the performer snubbed some local rappers who were trying to say hello to him.

Rumors have been flying about what actually happened.

Some have been saying his gold chain was stolen but runnels says that didn’t happen.

Kirko addressed the issue on Twitter saying, “I can’t answer everybody but naw I ain’t get jumped or robbed or beat up.”

However, some people in Hobbs say it may be best that Kirko Bangz doesn’t come back.

“I’m feeling Hobbs has as bad as of a taste in his mouth as Kirko Bangz has in our mouth here,” said Runnels.

KRQE News 13 did reach out to the rapper for his side of the story but did not hear back.