ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An anti-mask protest this week in Albuquerque took a scary turn after a protester pointed a gun at a driver passing by. A viewer, who asked to remain anonymous because of safety reasons, sent News 13 a video showing the incident.

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He says he was driving south on Louisiana near Menaul, near Coronado Center on Wednesday when he saw a group of about 15 people, protesting masks in schools.  He says one of the protesters had a sign in one hand and a gun in the other.

The driver tells KRQE he yelled at the man to put the gun away and that’s when the protester aimed in his direction. “This gentleman was like 30 yards away. If he were to attempt to shoot me, I’m not really too worried about him hitting me. Because most people can’t hit a target at 30 yards with an unstable position like he has. There’s people all around me and behind me. He’s more likely to hit somebody, he’s not aiming at in that situation and that makes me upset,” the man says.

The driver believes he also saw a gun on the hip of another protester, but he never put his hands on it while he was there. APD tells News 13 the driver did call the police right after the incident but hasn’t made a full report.

They say once they get more information, they’ll be able to investigate further. Police did search the area for the man initially, but he was already gone.