ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Supreme Court rejected the Biden administration’s moratorium on evictions. That means millions of Americans, suffering the financial hardship from the pandemic, could lose their homes. The court ruled the CDC had exceeded its authority by preventing landlords from evicting tenants during the health crisis.

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In response to this, demonstrators took the streets of Albuquerque Friday evening to protest the ruling. Dozens of protestors gathered along Central to demand that Congress step in and stop all evictions and foreclosures across the country.

They said the $50 million to $70 million being considered for a new stadium for the New Mexico United soccer team would be better spent on housing.

“We here to fight back and demand a cancellation of all rents, and mortgages, we want guaranteed housing for all. We believe housing is a human right. There’s a housing crisis in the United States before the pandemic and it has been exacerbated because of the pandemic,” said Bex Hampton, a delivery driver.

For now, New Mexicans are protected from evictions by a state-wide moratorium that remains in effect indefinitely.