PINE PRAIRIE, La. (KLFY)- A Friday afternoon protest outside the Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center turned into disarray when protesters and law enforcement officers clashed.

Video footage shows deputies attempting to clear the protesters, which escalated to the use of pepper spray.

The demonstration was organized to support the release of ICE detainees, which include some who have reportedly been on a hunger strike, protest participants said Friday.

There are a number of prisoners from Cameroon, 48 to be precise, who have stood up and said we will not stand for this anymore and they are carrying out a hunger strike as we speak amid a concentration camp,” one demonstrator told News 10. “So, we thought it was only fitting if we showed up today to show our solidary with them.”

Another participant in Friday’s demonstration said they believe the state has not to house ICE detainees while Louisiana’s own incarceration system has been internationally scrutinized.

“We are against our tax dollars being used to cage people in masses for nothing other than from where they are from,” she said. “And we are saying that if you say this is the land of the free, why in Louisiana do we have more people incarcerated than anywhere in the world?”

According to the Ville Platte Gazette, the facility’s warden of the prison said the group was not allowed on the property.

We will have more live tonight at 6 p.m.

Warning: This video contains strong language.