DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — In the moments following the announcement that Joe Biden had been projected the winner of the U.S. presidential race, cable news was quick to show people celebrating in the streets Saturday. Some municipalities also saw pro-Trump demonstrations as supporters expressed sorrow, anger and mistrust.

Over the last few days, we’ve seen the president’s supporters protesting outside of ballot-counting operations, alleging without evidence that the slow-moving results were proof of cheating.

“This isn’t over! This isn’t over! Fake news!” some of Trump’s supporters shouted as they gathered at the Georgia State Capitol after news organizations’ decision to call the election.

One of the uglier scenes Saturday came in Lansing, Michigan where demonstrators clashed outside of the capitol building. In the video at the top of this story, you’ll see men fight over who can and cannot use the portable bathrooms.

In a state Democrats hoped to turn blue, Democrats took to the streets of downtown Austin to celebrate a Biden-Harris victory. Soon thereafter, Trump supporters began marching in the same area. No major issues were reported.

In Phoenix, some 75 Trump-supporting protesters had gathered outside the election tabulation center where the counting remains underway.

Shortly after the news broke, Jake Angeli yelled, “This election has not been called!”

Angeli, a regular at pro-Trump rallies who typically wears a wooly fur hat with horns, shouted “Don’t believe that lie! They got their hands caught in the cookie jar and we’re going to the Supreme Court!”

In Indianapolis, a few dozen Trump supporters gathered outside of the statehouse honking horns and holding Trump signs — peacefully expressing frustration.

Many of the president’s supporters said that they continue to hold out hope despite the results announced Saturday.

“I don’t believe the race is over as yet. I think there’s some shenanigans going on,” said Paul Petrillo, a general contractor from Yardley, Pennsylvania, who believes the Supreme Court should intervene. “We’ll see what happens.”

Chris Marks from Traverse City, Michigan, also expressed distrust in how the votes were counted, even suggesting all the votes should be recounted, or that the country should hold another election.

“I’m surprised they didn’t just declare the winner before the elections,” he said.

Trump has refused to concede or promise a peaceful transfer of power, and many Americans remained anxious about what will happen in the days and weeks ahead.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.