(The Hill) — Former “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan described a meltdown former President Trump had at Mar-a-Lago after he was handed a list of nasty things the British reporter had said about him just before an interview in an op-ed for The New York Post

In the op-ed, Morgan says a producer for his new show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” told him the list was “a collection of quotes you’ve apparently said about President Trump in the past two years. Someone sent it to him in the last hour, and the quotes are not good. In fact, they’re really bad.”

The quotes included Morgan, who was Trump’s first “Celebrity Apprentice” winner, saying Trump was responsible for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, was wrong for his election fraud claims and should be barred from office. 

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In the op-ed, Morgan alleges the document was sent by British politician Nigel Farage, who works at Morgan’s rival UK network GB News and met with Trump three days before the interview. Trump did not reveal the identity to Morgan but said the document was sent from someone in London.

Morgan went to Trump’s office to try to remedy the situation, as this is the first interview to kick off his show on April 25.

”What the f— is this?” Trump supposedly said when Morgan was in his office. 

”I thought we were friends?” Trump reportedly continued. “This is so disloyal! After all I’ve done for you? Why would you say all this about me?”

“I’ve always been critical of you when I’ve felt you deserved it,” Piers says he told Trump in his office, “but as you know, I’ve also written and said many supportive things about you too. This is a one-sided hatchet job designed to stop you doing our interview.”

Morgan was able to redirect the conversation to golf and Trump eventually agreed to still do the initially agreed upon 20-minute interview.

However, the interview went on for 75 minutes, with Piers saying they talked about many subjects and even exchanged laughs. 

However, the interview also took an intense turn once Morgan brought up Trump’s false election fraud claims. 

Morgan said Trump called him a fool six times after he said he didn’t believe the election was stolen. 

“He was back to the furious Trump he’d been in his office and branded me a fool six more times, in between calling Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell ‘stupid’, and his former vice-president Mike Pence ‘foolish and weak,’” Morgan wrote. “Our collective crime was that none of us agree he had the election stolen.”

Trump reportedly said “that’s it” and got up to leave the interview until Morgan reminded him they didn’t talk about his golf game. Trump briefly sat back down and talked for a few moments before getting up again, yelling “turn the cameras off” and leaving.

Morgan said he wrote Trump an email thanking him for his time and saying he didn’t want to be dishonest with him just to keep him happy. He said Trump hasn’t responded in 10 days. 

“Perhaps we’ll never speak again, and our friendship is over?” Morgan wrote.