A New Mexico student spoke on behalf of “Dreamers” to members of Congress on Wednesday.

Yazmin Irazoqui Ruiz, a University of New Mexico medical student and leader of the New Mexico Dream Team, was among those who testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee to shed light on their experiences under the DACA program. 

There is uncertainty about the future of the program. 

“While I am on my way to becoming a physician, I know that others with DACA, TPS and DED protections have started careers, bought homes, started families, and here we were facing all of that being taken away,” Ruiz said. 

TPS stands for “Temporary Protected Status” and DED stands for “Deferred Enforced Departure.” House Democrats unveiled a new bill that would tie dreamers together with TPS and DED recipients in an effort to provide them more security until a permanent solution can be found.