ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – The city of Roswell is working to increase the number of tourists by improving signage by asking some strange questions in a survey. They want to make sure all the signs in the city look alike, and residents agree with the plan.

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Roswell residents like Megan and Daniel Cederberg say that it’s a good idea. “You know I think signage is a good cheap way to increase tourism,” Daniel said.

The city conducted a survey that asked some odd questions. There were some normal questions like what word best describes downtown, Roswell but then some questions asked what building material best represents your town and residents picked weathered metal. Another question asked what celebrity best suits the personality of Roswell and the actor getting the most responses was Paul Rudd. Some residents thought the survey questions were fun and had a purpose.

“I think it’s a fun question, I do believe it gets us an idea of branding maybe we can figure out a way to brand ourselves here in Roswell,” Megan said.

The survey did ask what attractions citizens would like to see promoted with the new signage, the top three were public parks, the zoo, and walking trails. One resident, I said the city should promote the art scene.

“I think the art scene. We have arts in residence that are here and I think that needs to be put at the top of the list,” said Roswell resident Mary Colby.

“The arts district is really nice around here people don’t know that there’s these hidden gems of museums that have years and years of art that has been built up from by the residency,” Daniel said.

The top vote-getter on how the signs should be made was street art and murals. The sign project is expected to cost around $600,000. Roswell has had to delay this project for two years because of a lack of funds. City council hopes to give final approval for it next week.