Roswell, N.M. – The city of Roswell is holding a special session meeting today to discuss whether or not the city will allow the sale of marijuana downtown. The special meeting will start the conversation with the community on recreational marijuana in Roswell.

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Thursday evening’s meeting will discuss putting it before the whole council and taking public input on where recreational marijuana will be sold. The mayor, Dennis Kintigh, isn’t too thrilled about the recent legalization. “If we don’t deal with this were stuck by the state to go along with what they say we’re very frustrated that the state government and the legislature and the governor are forcing local communities to have no say,” Mayor Kintigh says, “basically they’ve taken this thing away from them as much as possible and it’s just fundamentally unfair.”

The mayor wants the council to look at not having any marijuana shops downtown. Kintigh wants the downtown area still welcoming to tourists and families that come and visit Roswell. “The other thing is do you really need to have all of this around children.”

Councilman Juan Oropesa, ward 1, says he plans to uphold what the people of Roswell want and will listen to them before making his final decision. “You know again the council like any other government entity we work based on what the people desire,” Oropesa said.

If the ordinance is approved, that will mitigate the zoning area for cannabis shops to be placed in the downtown area. Another issue is where people will be able to smoke recreational marijuana. Right now there is a city ordinance that does not allow for smoking inside or on patios of downtown businesses. Public input for where to put stores will be at a city council meeting on Aug. 3rd.