ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new Office of the Inspector General report shows an Albuquerque city employee violated city policy after getting into a crash in a city vehicle and then failing to report it properly.

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According to the report, it was at the intersection of Tijeras Ave. and Fifth St. where a City of Albuquerque employee, who works in the mayor’s office, got into a crash in a city vehicle in September. In the report, the staffer admits they made a bad judgment call while driving and an accident report later found they were at fault for the crash.

No one was hurt in the crash but repairing damages to the city vehicle and other cars cost taxpayers about $5,000, according to the report. The employee called it a “minor collision” which is why they say they didn’t call the police or file a report later – which according to city policy, they should’ve done according to City Operator Permit policy, or COP.

The report also said the employee did not call a supervisor, which is also required by COP.

According to the report, the city employee did talk to someone in risk management about the accident but didn’t properly file a report until two weeks after the incident. The employee acknowledged in the OIG report that this was against city policy. There’s no indication the city employee was impaired while driving, but no impairment test was done immediately after the crash. The OIG found city policy does not require the operator of a city vehicle involved in an accident to be tested for impairment. 

The OIG gave the city three recommendations to keep this from happening again. It recommends the employee, who was last trained in COP and certified to operate city vehicles in 2018, be retrained. It also recommends that the city require all drivers of city cars to be trained and recertified every year. Lastly, the report recommends the city revise its COP policy to clarify when testing for impairment should be required.

KRQE News 13 reached out to the Mayor’s Office on Sunday but did not hear back. However, in the report, the city responded by saying the employee involved is getting retrained to operate city vehicles. It also said it is putting instruction cards with what to do when involved in an accident in every city vehicle.

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