ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Last month the City Council set aside $3 million of the city budget to cover lost fares so that starting July 1, everyone can ride city buses for free in Albuquerque for one year. Next, City Council will need to pass a law to establish this free fare pilot program permanently. The vote will take place later this month. In addition, the City’s Sun Vans, which cater to the elderly and disabled, will also be free for a year.

KRQE conducted a non-scientific poll this week asking New Mexican’s about the City of Albuquerque bus fares. 

We asked two primary questions. The results of the first question: Should Albuquerque offer free fares on all City buses? 55% said yes.

When asked If City buses were free, how likely are you to ride a city bus? Of 595 who voted, 47.7% said they would “not at all” or were “unlikely” to ride a city bus if it was free, as 23.2% said they would “very likely” ride.

82% of the respondents identified that they were Bernalillo County residents. No other demographic information was collected.