NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – With the Senate run-off in Georgia mostly wrapped up, many Americans are wondering what’s next. For New Mexicans, it could be a lot.

New Mexico could soon see some benefits out of the White House, especially now with the Senate expected to fully support the Biden administration. Right now, New Mexico is ran by a Democratic administration which aligns with President-elect Biden and his goals for the country.

KRQE News 13’s political analyst Gabe Sanchez believes that means more funding from the federal government could be pushed through the state in the long run. New Mexicans could also see a change in their health care because President-elect Biden may choose to expand Obamacare.

Under the Obama Administration, the Affordable Care Act saw and expansion. Sanchez says New Mexico was one of the states that benefitted from that the most.

“If you are thinking about a Biden administration with the ability to have support from the Senate being able to have a lot more expansion of the Affordable Care Act is something I believe could benefit the state of New Mexico,” said Sanchez. In terms of short-term benefits, Sanchez believes New Mexicans and other Americans have a higher chance of getting a $2,000 stimulus check.

Democrats have also suggested they would keep COVID-relief funding coming on a regular basis. Not all of Biden’s policies will pass. Senate Republicans still have the power to filibuster, meaning some measures will need bipartisan support.

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