NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Each quarter, the Legislative Finance Committee evaluates the progress of New Mexico’s state agencies. The latest report card, summarizing the 2023 fiscal year, shows which programs have made progress and which haven’t.

The Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) tracks 69 different government offices and departments – ranging from the New Mexico Film Office to the Protective Services branch of the Children, Youth and Families Department – on a red-to-green scale. Over the last fiscal year, 24 programs showed progress and were upgraded in the report card.

The state’s Department of Public Safety went from being red-rated in fiscal year 2021 to being in the green in fiscal year 2022. The department exceeded its targets for DWI patrols, commercial vehicle safety inspections, and community engagement projects in small communities, the report card notes.

But there’s still room for improvement. The LFC says that the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is still working to transition to a new data-reporting system, and “the lack of complete and timely data on crime is hindering the ability of DPS, NMSP [State Police], and policymakers to use actual crime data to make decisions about criminal justice and public safety.”

A range of other programs across the state also saw improvements. For example, the Motor Vehicle Department got a higher grade in fiscal year 2022. LFC notes that average wait and call times for the Motor Vehicle Department have decreased significantly since the year before.

Not all state programs made progress. Six programs were downgraded, including two at the state engineer’s office. While that office did make progress towards New Mexico’s interstate stream compact obligations, staff shortages limited what the department could do, according to the LFC.

The full report card is published online at this link. In the full report card, more detailed descriptions are available for the progress made by each program.