NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The legalization of recreational marijuana is now a signature away. So how will it be regulated and where can people smoke it? The state says out in public places will be prohibited and the bill’s sponsors said there are rules in place where people can and can’t ingest marijuana.

“Smoking cannabis is not allowed in public places,” said the Superintendent of the New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Department, Linda Trujillo. “So walking down the street on Central Avenue or over here in the Plaza in Santa Fe, smoking cannabis is still going to be prohibited.” The Department of Regulation and Licensing said they’ll set up cannabis consumption areas for licensed businesses so that people can ingest marijuana at a location other than their home.

They add there might be different rules for businesses if they want to allow smoking on their premises. The state wants to make sure there are designated outdoor smoking areas or if they’re going to have a standalone building for that. Although cities can’t ban marijuana businesses from their communities, local governments could regulate where those businesses go and the hours of operation. “Of course local control still has the option to create different parameters that they see fit to be able to smoke cannabis,” said Rep. Andrea Romero (D- Santa Fe).

People could grow marijuana at home for their own personal use. Each individual can have no more than six plants or up to 12 for a household if there’s more than one adult. Recreational cannabis will only be legal for people 21 years and older and they would only be able to buy two ounces of marijuana.

The purchase of recreational marijuana would go into effect on April 1, 2022. However, people could start growing their own pot 90 days after the governor signs the bill. The state said there is no cap on limiting cannabis licenses.