SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) –State lawmakers return to Santa Fe on Tuesday for a special legislative session focusing on legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana. The session is expected to start at noon on Tuesday and will be live-streamed on the New Mexico Legislative website. This comes after the recreational marijuana proposal fell short in the 60-day session.

The session, which could cost about $50,000 a day, will include the House Judiciary meeting at 2:00 p.m. for legalizing recreational cannabis, and the Senate Judiciary will meet at 3:00 p.m. to hear the expungement bill. If passed, they will debate the bill and a proposed economic bill that would expand LEDA funding on the Senate floor Tuesday night.

The House will vote on the cannabis bill Wednesday morning.

The Associated Press reports that of the 15 states with sanctioned recreational marijuana markets, New Mexico would be only the third or fourth state to make recreational cannabis legal through the legislative process following Illinois and Vermont. Virginia’s approved legalization bill is currently waiting on the governor’s signature.

At this time, it’s unclear how long the special session will last. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the public will still not be allowed in the Roundhouse.

Session updates from @RachelKnappNews

10:27 pm: Sounds like the Senate will hear the expungement bill at 10am on the floor because they don’t have all the amendments/committee report about that bill.

8:24 pm: House Judiciary will meet around 8:45pm tonight to discuss the cannabis bill @krqe

5: 14 pm: The House Tax and Rev committee passed the recreational cannabis bill 8-4. It now heads to House Judiciary. @krqe

5:12 pm: They’re voting on the cannabis bill in committee right now

4:12 pm: READ: NM Legislature reconvenes to tackle recreational marijuana

2:09 pm: House Tax and Rev committee meeting. They’re scheduled to hear the recreational cannabis bill.

1:04 pm: The bills are now online!

1:03 pm: The bills are still not posted online. Was told that the expungement bill will be heard in Senate Judiciary today at 3pm. If passed, it will be voted on the Senate floor- I was told that could be as early as tonight. @krqe

12:44 pm: They introduced a separate bill focusing on expungement for cannabis possession over in the Senate. It’s separate from the bill that will legalize recreational marijuana. I’ve asked to get a copy of that expungement bill @krqe

12:33 pm: For people following the marijuana bill at the special session, this is what I’ve been told: the bill will be heard in House Judiciary today and then if passed, it will be heard on the House floor Wednesday morning @krqe