NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s a topic that has divided the state. A bill protecting reproductive rights, including abortion, is almost through the legislative session with one more hurdle to go.

In Saturday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, changes were made to House Bill 7. Many supporters of the bill believe it is a move to ensure health care in the state. Those that oppose it worry it will take away parental and medical professionals’ rights.

“The concerning part of this bill lies in Section 3D which essentially eliminates any other laws that conflict which would include consent law, which would include conscience protection for our medical professionals who don’t want to have to participate in these elective procedures,” said New Mexico Alliance for Life Founder, Elisa Martinez.

Martinez said the bill forces any public employee to participate in the procedures by mandating referrals. She added this includes teachers referring students and medical professionals referring patients. According to the bill, state medical providers don’t have to provide the care they aren’t required to or otherwise don’t provide to begin with.

House Bill 7 limits the state’s ability to interfere with reproductive or gender-affirming health care. It would prohibit public entities from discriminating against someone because of their reproductive health choices, protecting those who are seeking gender-affirming care or an abortion.

“If you are a health care provider who wants to provide the full spectrum of reproductive health care, including abortion care or gender-affirming healthcare, you should be safe providing that care no matter where you live in New Mexico,” said a supporter of the bill in the meeting.

After amendments were made Saturday, Republicans still shared their concern over the language used in the bill. However, Democrats continue to support it.

Saturdays adopted amendments include clarifying rules for insurance companies and penalties for violating the law. The bill now heads to the Senate floor. If passed, it will then go to the governor’s desk.