SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) –  Its the last week of the Legislative Session. Lawmakers still have a few measures to decide on before the session ends on March 20.

Here are the bills we are keeping an eye on March 16, 2021

Senate Bill 234 – Lottery for Home School Students

  • Right now, home-schooled students can qualify for the Lottery Scholarship in two ways. The first- transfer to a public school before graduation or to take the GED exam. 
  • This bill proposes that students shouldn’t have to take the GED exam in order to be eligible for the scholarship. 

House Bill 177 – Homemade Food Act

  • People could sell their homemade foods that are not time and temperature control food items.
  • The seller must label the package properly. 

House Bill 231- Native American Polling Place Protection

  • Amends the election code to provide protections for Native American voters by specifying that a polling place located on an Indian nation, tribal or pueblo land cannot be eliminated or consolidated with other polling locations without the written agreement of the Indian nation, tribe or pueblo. 
  • The bill also requires at least one polling location within an Indian nation, tribe, or pueblo to operate in the event that registered voters are unable to leave the Indian nation, tribe, or pueblo due to public health concerns. 

House Joint Resolution 3 – Veteran Property Tax Exemption

  • Proposes to increase a property tax exemption for honorably discharged members of the armed forces and their widows and widowers from $4-thousand to $10-thousand. 
  • If passed, the voters would decide. 

House Bill 82 – Historically Underutilized Businesses

  • Encourages state agencies to procure goods and services from historically underutilized businesses.