SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Street racing is a huge problem that can end up turning deadly. One state lawmaker is trying to crack down on the dangerous trend by getting justice for the victims and their families. Senator Michael Padilla (D- Albuquerque) said this bill would amend the Crime Victims Reparation Act so that victims of street racing could get help too.

“When people think about speed racing or drag racing, etc. there’s a human toll that goes along with it,” said Sen. Padilla. “And it’s really unfortunate that in an instant, families are losing their loved ones and this is something we all know we have this problem in our community in our state and this is one of the ways to resolve it.”

The Crime Victims Reparations Fund helps people and their families with medical care and counseling if they or a loved one has fallen victim to crimes like assault, sex crimes, and even murder. Now, Sen. Padilla wants to add street racing to that list.

This bill is in response to a deadly crash that happened in September. Thirty-three-year-old Erika Chavez was turning onto Unser from Tower with her young daughter in the car when witnesses told police another driver going around 110 miles per hour crashed into her.

“We understand that it’s not ever going to bring her back and we understand that we’re going to have to live with this until we take our last breath in not having her in our life but what makes me happy is to know that something is being done so that her voice is heard and we’re sharing that so another family doesn’t go through what we’ve gone through,” said Chavez’s aunt, Rosa Rivera. The driver who crashed into Chavez has yet to be arrested. There will be a hearing soon to determine whether charges will be filed.

This comes as New Mexico State Police conducted a surprise operation over the weekend to catch street racers near Balloon Fiesta Park. They said around 100 vehicles and spectators were participating in a street racing event. Police handed out 90 citations and plan to conduct more of those operations.