SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Legislators are trying to clean up the wording on a bill aimed to make paying college athletes easier. New Mexico college athletes can already legally get paid for endorsements but now three lawmakers want to ease the path for sponsors and students.

Senate Bill 94 passed in 2021 allows college athletes to be compensated and accept partnerships. During that time Senator Moe Maestas says New Mexico led the way when it came to endorsements but quickly oter states jumped out in front and were working with third parties to build relationships for the student.

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Senate Bill 219 is looking to make it easier for sponsors to work with the athletic department and the student openly. “How do you approach the student you know, it’s kind of a weird relationship now that relationship will be easy to approach you can approach the athletic department as opposed to sneaking around trying to approach the student,” said Sen. Maestas.

Maestas believes this will also level the playing field for New Mexico when it comes to recruiting athletes, showing there is an opportunity when it comes to endorsements as an athlete especially for star athletes.

Senate Bill 219 passed Senate Education unanimously. It will now head to the judiciary before it heads on to the House.