SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Democrats and Republicans are calling for an extraordinary session after the governor vetoes the junior spending bill. Senate Bill 48 was passed unanimously by both the House and the Senate.

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It would have dispersed more than $50 million among lawmakers for a variety of projects in their districts. “It provides meals on wheels for seniors. These may not be large ticket items, however, they’re very important to those who are impacted to them,” said Sen. Greg Baca.

“Legislators are the ones that are on the ground every single day in their communities with their mayors, with constituents, and they know what the needs are. My junior appropriations were for domestic violence and police cars,” said Sen. George Munoz.

In her explanation, the governor argues many of the projects listed are not fully funded, so she says the money could sit there for years, unused. The governor also says the bill bypasses the capital outlay process, but Senator Baca says junior bills have been signed by governors in the past.

Lawmakers are now considering calling themselves back to the roundhouse to override the governor’s veto. An extraordinary session would need support from three-fifths of the legislature. Senator Munoz says if that happens, he would also push to suspend the state’s gas tax to give drivers some relief as gas prices soar.