SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico’s Governor has signed new changes into law targeting the state’s Human’s Rights Act. Supporters say the bill adds far more protections for broader groups of people, defending them against various kinds of discrimination by the government.

House Bill 207 clarifies the states’ Human Rights Act applies to all New Mexico government agencies, including state department, agencies, institutions, cities, counties and public contractors. It also adds definitions for sex, gender, gender identity, disabilities, and sexual orientation.

“No one should be denied public services simply for being who they are,” Rep. Kristina Ortez (D-Taos) said in a press release. “While hundreds of bills have been introduced across the country to restrict the rights of queer and trans people, New Mexico is committed to making our state a safer place for everyone by closing a loophole to ensure our taxpayer dollars cannot be used to discriminate against our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors.”

During the legislative session, some lawmakers tried to adjust the bill. However, the bill made it to the Governor’s desk with minimal changes.