ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A change to a Senate bill that would make intimidating election workers a felony passed the Finance Committee Saturday morning. It changes the election code for Senate Bill 144 making it a fourth-degree felony if anyone intimidates an election worker, secretary of state, municipal clerk, county clerk, or any of their employees.

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The Justice Department has launched a task force to combat the intimidation of election workers nationwide. Senator Duhigg sponsored the amendment saying the state needs to follow the DOJ’s lead. “Election officials of both parties are receiving full-time law enforcement protection around the country. As a result, state and local election officials are leaving this profession because of the threats and the stress that this is causing for them and their families,” said Senator Katy Duhigg (D) 10th District.

The bill now goes back to the Senate Judiciary Committee for approval.