NEW MEXICO (KRQE) –  We change our clocks to “fall back” and “spring forward” and for years, lawmakers have been trying to exempt New Mexicans from ever changing their clocks again. “Being an educator for 30 years, you know, I saw how hard it was for the time adjustment for students,” says sponsor of Senate Bill 191 Senator Roberto Gonzales

Senate Bill 191 would have kept New Mexico on standard time for good, like most of Arizona. But on Monday, it deadlocked with members of the Senate Health Committee split four to four.

Senate Bill 287 on the other hand cleared that committee. It would make New Mexico spring forward and stay on daylight saving time for good. Senator Cliff Pirtle has been pushing for this change year after year. While it’s gained momentum, it’s never made it across the finish line. “Overwhelming my emails are full of people that love the extra hour of daylight in the evening. There’s plenty of reasons why just to name a few: lower crime, extra time with family, more time to golf, more time to shop downtown,” Pirtle said.

Even if the governor signed this bill, New Mexico would still need congressional approval to stay on daylight saving time permanently.