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SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – State lawmakers returned to Santa Fe for day two of a special session Wednesday. Legislation focused on legalizing recreational marijuana cleared the House on a 38-32 vote Wednesday afternoon. The bill passed in the Senate 22-15 Wednesday night with the House concurred and now that bill heads to the governor’s desk for final approval.

At this time, it’s unclear how long the special session will last. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the public will still not be allowed in the Roundhouse.

Session updates from @RachelKnappNews

9:41pm: Governor says she’s ready to sign the bill that would legalize recreational cannabis

9:14pm: The House just concurred on the cannabis bill- that bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for final approval @krqe

8:31 pm: It heads back to the House for final approval

8:29pm: #BREAKING The Senate passed the recreational cannabis bill 22-15 @krqe

8:26 pm: They’re voting on the cannabis bill! @krqe

8:15 pm: It’s unclear how long the Senate will debate this bill since they just got off the floor hearing about it and debating that bill in a committee earlier @krqe

8:14 pm: Happening now: The Senate is on the floor for the cannabis bill @krqe

7:42 pm: Right now the Senate is taking a temporary break- they will meet on the floor at 8pm tonight.

7:31 pm: #BREAKING The Senate Committee of the Whole voted 6-36 for Sen. Pirtle’s cannabis bill. It did not pass the committee. The Senate will only consider the House cannabis bill @krqe

7:27 pm: #BREAKING The Senate Committee of the Whole voted 23-19 to pass the House cannabis bill. Senators now have to vote on it on the floor @krqe

7:25 pm: They’re first voting on the House cannabis bill

7:23 pm: The Senate Committee of the Whole is about to vote on both cannabis bills (REMINDER- This is NOT the final vote) if a bill passes on this vote, Senators will have to vote on the bill again on the floor @krqe

6:45 pm: The Senate is not debating the House version of the cannabis bill- they’re now debating Sen. Pirtle’s bill @krqe

4:42 pm: … After that debate on Pirtle’s bill, they’ll vote on the House Bill then vote on Pirtle’s bill (again, this is not a floor vote). If a bill passes from that vote… then the Senate will have a final vote on that bill on the floor.

4:42 pm: Right now the Senate (as a committee of the whole) is still on the Cannabis bill that cleared the House a few hours ago. How this was explained to me is that after debate on this bill, they will then debate on the cannabis bill sponsored by Sen. Pirtle (continue) …

4:09 pm: READ: Recreational marijuana bill heads to the Senate

1:47 pm: Moving forward- this is what I’m told will happen next: The Senate will meet as a whole and listen to both the Democratic-backed cannabis bill (which just passed the House) as well as the Republican-backed cannabis bill @krqe

1:42 pm: 38-32 recreational cannabis passes the House @krqe it now heads to the Senate

1:38 pm: They’re about to vote on the cannabis bill on the House floor @krqe

10:53 am: Happening now- the Senate is debating a bill that focuses on expungement for cannabis convictions @krqe

10:30 am: Happening now: House debating a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana. If passed, it goes to the Senate @krqe

10:15 am: The House will hear Rep. Martinez’s cannabis on the floor. The Senate will hear the expungement bill. Then the Senate will meet as a “committee of the whole,” meaning all Senators will listen to a committee meeting on Rep. Martinez’s cannabis bill and Pirtle’s cannabis bill and will decide which one they will want to do.