SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A state lawmaker wants all new homes to include solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles. Democratic Senator Bill Soules has introduced Senate Bill 77, which would require residential construction started after July 1 to include a photovoltaic system that provides at least one watt per square foot of heated area.

At least one EV-charging station would also be required. The Home Builders Association expressed concerns about the bill saying it would drastically increase building costs, which would be passed onto the home buyer. “Obviously, these things are in our future, and talk about the most practical way to do the best thing for the future today,” says Jack Milarch, CEO of the New Mexico Home Builders Association. “But we’re opposed to these kind [sic] of bills that pushes too far too fast.”

But Senator Soules says that added cost is offset by the energy savings homeowners will see. “It does increase the cost of the building a little bit, but it’s more than made up for on someone’s mortgage when they don’t have an electric bill because they have solar already on their house,” says Soules.

He has a similar bill requiring solar panels at new public schools.