SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Central New Mexico Community College could be getting millions of dollars from the legislature this session to help boost the workforce in New Mexico. Representative Linda Serrato hopes a bill she’s sponsoring during the legislative session, will help local entrepreneurs thrive in New Mexico. “It’s really allowing them to put what they care about into work, and then hire people who are passionate about that,” said Rep. Serrato.

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If passed, House Bill 103 will give CNM $5 million to create a venture studio. “It’s a program that allows individuals to begin training or really learning all the ins and outs to take their conception and initial ideas through every step of development,” Rep. Serrato said. She says it’ll also expand the workforce and improve the economy, the main focus for Serrato during this session. “Both of them are about filling in this gap that we have in New Mexico,” said Rep Serrato.

She’s also hoping to give CNM another $500,000 to develop an intensive boot camp for the under or unemployed. “The pandemic has really shown us that our labor supply across the country is in need of updating and in need of change and that workers are ready for something new,” said Rep. Serrato.

The short-term boot camp would train individuals in specific fields like 3D printing, or tourism and trade. “They’re looking for shorter-term training to get them into jobs right away that will work,” Rep. Serrato said. She says a boot camp could help fill those much-needed potions quicker.