SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you haven’t had the catalytic converter stolen from your car, you might want to consider yourself lucky. Nationwide reports show that in recent years, more than 100,000 converter thefts probably happened around the U.S. And now, here in New Mexico, legislation could help address the issue.

Senate Bill 133 seeks to address theft by requiring secondhand metal dealers to keep records of the converters they buy. The idea is that by increasing regulations, would-be thieves might think twice before cutting the valuable metal off of an unsuspecting vehicle.

Thursday, March 16, the bill passed the House of Representatives with unanimous approval. Earlier in the lawmaking session, the bill also saw unanimous approval in the Senate.

To go into effect, the bill needs the governor’s signature. She has until April 7 to either approve or veto the bill.