NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The governor signed 5 bills into law Friday. They all address health care changes for New Mexicans.

Senate Bill 7 will fund grants to start up or expand health care in rural areas.

Senate Bill 245 creates a new license to establish emergency hospitals in low-population spots. This makes federal dollars available to hospitals that provide 24-hour health care for rural areas.

Senate Bill 16 rebuilds the old Human Services Department into the “Health Care Authority Department.”

Senate Bill 523 drastically lowers the cap on medical malpractice settlements. Dr. Barbara McAneny spoke on legislation she worked on for the session.

“A first step to allow patients to be able to access funding to help them afford their co-pays and their deductible for their drugs and have it count towards their out-of-pocket costs,” Oncologist Doctor Barbara McAneny.

Senate Bill 51 hopes to protect people from high prescription drug charges by insurance companies.