LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – Facing a charge of domestic violence, now former Las Vegas Police Chief Antonio Salazar has resigned. According to the city’s new mayor, Salazar turned in his resignation Thursday.

Salazar is facing one count of battery against a household member for an October incident where New Mexico State Police were called to his home for a fight between Salazar and his girlfriend. Court documents indicate they both told police they had been drinking and were “messing around.”

The resignation comes just days after the city’s mayor, Louie Trujillo, resigned for personal reasons. Las Vegas’s new mayor, David Romero, addressed the leadership shuffle. “Me stepping into this role and the colleagues I have on council, you know, we bring a strong leadership. we all have, you know, many years in these positions, so there’s going to be a stability, the wheels aren’t falling off,” said Romero.

The city said it expects to name an interim chief on Wednesday. A special election for the mayor’s position is expected to happen sometime around February or March.