Another round of gun control bills are being heard at the State Capitol.

Democrats in control of the House and Senate are hoping for better background checks for gun sales. These bills draw in a lot of people on both sides with strong opinions.

“Because we have a big gun violence problem, we need this bill,” said Rep. Debra Sarinana, (D) Albuquerque, referring to House Bill 8. “We need it as a tool, like I said, for law enforcement to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t or prohibited from having them, and I think all of the bills are really to make our city and our state safer.”

Rep. Sarinana is sponsoring one of the four gun-control bills being heard at the House Judiciary Committee. Her bill, HB 8, would make it illegal to sell or buy a gun without a background check.

The other bills call for background checks when people buy or sell at a gun show.

Another takes guns away from people if they’re charged with domestic violence, and one bill allows the court to issue a search warrant to confiscate guns in a home if someone in the household is in danger.

However, Republican committee members believe these bills go against the second amendment.

“Hopefully we’ll have some people on the other side of the aisle join us in defeating this legislation,” said Rep. Greg Nibert, (R) Roswell. 

“Let’s address the criminal use of these firearms, not the individual who is obeying the law,” said Rep. William Rehm, (R) Albuquerque.

Other Republicans said these laws would be hard for law enforcement to monitor.

So far, these gun control bills have drawn in the biggest crowds here at the Roundhouse. People want to listen to the debates and say their peace.

The governor has made it known she wants to reduce gun violence.