ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – According to a recent poll, the mayor has a big lead. Local publication, The Paper, conducted a poll of nearly 800 registered voters last month. Of those, they say 47% are ready to give incumbent Tim Keller another four years as mayor.

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Twenty-one percent are backing Sheriff Manny Gonzales and one 11% say they are voting for conservative radio host Eddy Aragon. The poll shows that Sheriff Gonzales’ unfavorability is so high that Keller is essentially pre-determined to win if there is a runoff.

“Mayor Keller, who has worked to turn out a younger generation and all of the Democrats, he’s turning out people who potentially don’t support him,” said Adrian Carver with The Paper.

To avoid a runoff, Keller would need to say a small percentage of undecided voters to get over the 50% mark, securing a second term.