ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city is a little more than five months out from the mayoral election, and the top priority is fixing the ongoing crime problem. Now, a new Political Action Committee is being created, to end the crime crisis.

Crime is the problem most everyone wants to see fixed. “Number one and number two for the voters is going to be crime,” said University of New Mexico Political Science Professor, Gabe Sanchez about the upcoming election.

Now, a PAC focusing on ending the crime crisis is already being formed. “If you’ve got a PAC that’s formed specifically focusing on crime, you’ve got a pretty good idea that’s probably going to be a focal point where a lot of attention is paid,” said Sanchez.

“Albuquerque has turned into a city I never envisioned,” said Bill Rehm, the treasurer for the Save our City PAC. Rehm teamed up with Sam Vigil, to create the PAC. You’ll recall Vigil is a victim of a high-profile homicide, his wife Jaqueline Vigil was killed in their driveway back in 2019.

Sam says it could’ve been avoided and in January he decided to sue the city, he says his wife would still be here if Albuquerque wasn’t a Sanctuary City. That’s one of the biggest policies he’d like to see changed.

KRQE News 13 asked Mayor Tim Keller if he’d heard of the PAC, and their claims that he has not done enough to tackle the crime problem. “I think it’s unfortunate that they’re conflating a very person situation and tragedy with mayoral politics,” said Keller. “Everyone would be better served to focus on crime fighting,” he said.

The election is on November 2. There are currently four candidates including Mayor Tim Keller and Sheriff Manny Gonzales.