NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – June 7 is Election Day and a lot of New Mexicans still need to cast their ballot. “I thought we’d have a tsunami because of all the contested races, and we didn’t,” said Bernalillo County Clerk, Linda Stover.

Stover has served as Bernalillo County Clerk for six years, and while primaries typically see lower turnouts, this is the slowest primary she can remember with 11.4% of Bernalillo County voters casting their ballots ahead of Election Day.

“I hope people aren’t losing interest, there’s so much at stake,” said Stover. Despite same-day voter registration, which was expected to increase voter turnout, Stover says the early voting locations have not been as busy as they’d like.

“We can have about 115,000 or so people could have voted same-day registration, not affiliated with a party and all we’ve had so far is 1,500 people,” Stover said.

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On top of that, they’ve received fewer than 10,000 absentee ballots. Statewide, more than 105,000 New Mexicans have cast their ballot early. That’s only 10% of registered voters. Stover says she’s not sure what’s behind the downward trend, but she’s hopeful tomorrow will make up for it.

“The process for this picking your candidate for November, and that is a really big obligation you have as a voter,” said Stover. You can still take advantage of same-day registration tomorrow, you need your I-D and a document with your address on it.