NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The general election is only five months away. The campaign for Governor is already heating up and it’s expected to get nasty. “It’s going to be dirty,” said KRQE Political Analyst and UNM Political Science Professor Gabe Sanchez.

You can expect to see a lot of back and forth between Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti in the coming months. During an interview for The New Mexico News Podcast, Sanchez said both the Governor and Ronchetti will be spending a lot of money on campaign ads, leading into the general election in November.

This comes after a contentious primary season, you’ll remember the heated ads between Raul Torrez and Brian Colon in the Attorney General Race. Ronchetti hasn’t released any ads since the primary last Tuesday, but he came out swinging with an ad targeting the Governor, a few weeks before election day. That ad used the Governor’s strong support for President Biden, against her.

Now the Governor is firing back in one of her most recent ads, released by New Mexicans for Michelle on Monday. Her ad features the former Bernalillo Police Chief, Tom Romero, who says Mark Ronchetti doesn’t know how to fight crime in New Mexico.

Sanchez says this is only the beginning. “Ronchetti is trying to frame the Governor as the ultimate political insider,” Sanchez said. “The Governor is going to say, ‘Hey, Mr. Ronchetti, what experience do you have to lean on?'”

If you want to hear the entire interview with Gabe Sanches you can listen to it online, or you can stream it wherever you listen to your podcasts.