ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – He’s a serial armed robber who keeps dodging long-term jail time, even after violating his probation. However, that could change after racking up new charges. The District Attorney’s Office said it’s done everything it could up to this point to keep Anthony Aguirre behind bars, but with no luck. There’s now a warrant out for Aguirre’s arrest for a recent armed robbery spree.

“Mr. Aguirre definitely presents a danger to the community,” stated Adolfo Mendez, the chief of policy and planning for the district attorney’s office. The State of New Mexico just filed an arrest warrant for the 22-year-old, accused of robbing stores from Uptown to Coronado Center while pulling a small handgun, according to the criminal complaint and arrest warrant.

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“We’re trying our best to keep Mr. Aguirre from continuing to commit this harm in the community,” Mendez added.

Aguirre was arrested back in 2019 in a shoplifting spree while armed with a knife, then pled guilty to armed robbery. Online records show he got a deferred sentence of 12 years and was given probation with a requirement to go through behavioral health treatment.

“Our office argued to have him placed in the department of corrections and the judge didn’t agree with our recommendation,” Mendez explained.

Mendez said the district attorney’s office then tried getting Aguirre’s probation revoked multiple times last year because he never finished treatment, meaning he’d have to serve the remainder of his original deferred sentence behind bars, but with no luck.

“Throughout this case at every instance [we] tried to keep him in custody,” Mendez said.

They say they’ll look at trying yet again amid these latest armed robbery charges.

Aguirre is now wanted on six counts of armed robbery plus two more shoplifting charges. Those incidents happened between April and mid-August of this year.

The DA’s office said its first attempt to revoke Aguirre’s probation led to his arrest in March 2020, but Aguirre was soon released because of COVID-19. It’s unclear why the DA’s later attempts to revoke his probation did not pan out.