NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin is on his own in an ongoing legal battle over his role on January 6. The commission rejected a proposal today to provide him with legal representation.

Couy Griffin is facing a lawsuit that could remove him from office and prevent him from running again. The Cowboy for Trump founder wanted to know why the county wouldn’t help him in the fight.

“This lawsuit is to remove me from my capacities as county commissioner and prevent me from ever running as a county commissioner on the basis that I was a part of an insurrection in Washington, D.C. which I haven’t been charged or convicted of anything of the sort,” said Griffin during the heated meeting on Friday.

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Video from that day showed him standing on a terrace overlooking the crowd. He was convicted of illegally entering capitol grounds, but acquitted of disorderly conduct.

The lawsuit states that is enough to remove him from office. Griffin asked for Otero County’s aid in funding legal expenses, but the county attorney says that is not allowed under the state’s anti-donation clause.

“That’s why I warn the commission so often about many of these actions because they are outside the role and scope of what the commission is charged with handling and lawsuits like this are the consequence,” said R.B. Nichols, Otero County Attorney.

Both the county attorney and commission chair Vickie Marquardt said Griffin’s participation on January 6 was not part of his commissioner duties and his attendance was based on his personal beliefs. However, Griffin says he was there to fight against “election fraud,” which he says falls under his responsibilities as commissioner.

He also says he was not charged for any violent acts that day. “Which only further proves that I was a part of a peaceful protest,” said Griffin.

That did not sway the other commissioners in Griffin’s favor as they voted to not represent him and now he is responsible for his own defense.