ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A committee tasked with redrawing Albuquerque’s city council districts has settled on its recommendations. The committee was made up of representatives from each of the nine districts. Their goal is to reflect changes in population and demographics following the 2020 census and ensure neighborhoods are getting the most effective representation.

In all, they voted to send eight map configurations to the council along with rankings from the group. The map with the most votes from the committee would move the part of the west side that’s north of Montaño, into the far northwest’s district five.

It would also move a piece of the river into district two, which covers downtown and the North Valley. It would also lump more of the University neighborhood in with Nob Hill.

One of the other top maps would overhaul the district lines in the Northeast Heights. The city council can choose to approve one of the maps or come up with their own changes. The city of Albuquerque put each of the maps online on the city’s website.