ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city attorney claims an incoming city councilor tried to force a meeting with the city clerk. Louie Sanchez wants to be sworn in before the next city council meeting on Monday. Louie beat incumbent City Councilor Lan Sena for the District 1 seat. Sena was appointed after the death of Councilor Ken Sanchez.

Louie argues the city charter calls on elected officials to fill the remaining term. City Clerk Ethan Watson says in a statement, in part, the term Louie ran for was not to fill an unexpired term. The clerk says Louie issued a press release demanding to be sworn in on Friday and appeared at their office without an appointment and at the time, the clerk was unavailable.

“Any attempts to harass or intimidate any of our election officials to reach a different conclusion or to otherwise to violate state or local law will not be tolerated,” Attorney for the City of Albuquerque Esteban Aguilar Jr.

Louie’s attorney claims, in part in a statement, that he was polite and cordial. The following is the city clerk’s full statement:

“The City Clerk has made clear that Councilor-elect Sanchez’s term begins on January 1, pursuant to state and local law. The County Clerk’s Election Proclamation also made clear that the term Councilor-elect Sanchez ran for was four years, not more than four years, or to fill an un-expired term. Councilor-elect Sanchez was informed to contact our office to arrange a time to be sworn in for that term. Instead, he issued a press release demanding to be sworn in today and appeared at our office without an appointment and at a time the Clerk was unavailable.”

Ethan Watson
City Clerk