ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Two candidates are looking to replace Democrat Deb Haaland in Congress. Ahead of the special election for the First Congressional District of New Mexico, FOX New Mexico hosted a debate. KRQE News 13 Digital Anchor Chris McKee hosted a discussion ahead of the debate with KRQE Political Analyst Gabe Sanchez. Below are some highlights.

What we should know about each candidate?

Sanchez says this is an interesting race since neither one has name recognition. “This is a very unique electoral environment. Usually, we are looking for name recognition. Neither candidate has run state-wide, has not run city-wide…. where they do have name recognition, its essentially the same area of Albuquerque,” said Sanchez. He also says that a lot of the campaign has been about who can get their name out there. He also added that they are making it a nationalized race and attaching themself to what is happening nationally.

What are the trends of the campaign so far?

Despite being a unique election, Sanchez says candidates have run a lot of TV ads. He says because of the short amount of time, candidates are spending more money on TV ads and doing digital outreach. Sanchez says usually these debates don’t sway lot of people in these races. However, because of the short time frame, Sanchez says the Congressional District 1 Debates are more important than ever.

Where have the battle lines been drawn so far?

New Mexico Special Election Trends