ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Everyone seems to be focused on the race for Governor as election day is coming up. Bernalillo county is asking voters to approve more than $11 million to help fix up community centers, parks, and sports facilities.

“The GO bonds are our bread and butter for getting projects done,” said Planning Manager for Parks and Recreation, John Barney.

Through bonds, Bernalillo County hopes to bring facilities into the 21st century. The community gave their input on what they would like to see fixed.

“This is bringing all of that input and all that feedback to fruition. GO bonds are kind of that key funding step that helps us get to the point where we can actually deliver on what they’ve asked for,” said Barney.

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If passed, multiple community centers around the county will see improvements. Including half a million in bond funding for the West Side Community Center on Isleta Southwest. The hope is to build a new boxing gym and make improvements to the park.

Barney mentioned community centers are important to the area, “It’s where kids hang out. It’s where aftercare happens for kids. It’s where the summer programs happen for kids. We like this to be the center of our community life.”

Another one of their projects is over $2 million towards the Mesa Del Sol Regional Sports Complex. The county will add more fields for soccer and football teams to utilize.

Almost $300,000 would go to fixing county-run ballparks at Atrisco and South Valley little league for new bleachers, fencing, and turf. The county also wants to buy $100,000 worth of aquatic equipment for Paradise Hills and Los Padilla’s pools. Parks and recreation said these improvements are needed to approve the quality of the facilities.

Barney added, “This is the place where things happen for the community. When there’s a big improvement to one of our facilities everybody gets really excited.”

The county wants to make it clear that GO Bonds will not raise your taxes. According to Barney, the projects may take longer due to upticks in construction costs and delays for materials.