ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Arts Board has signed off on murals for the Tiny Home Village, recommending Jodie Herrera’s work to the County Commission. The project will boast a series of vibrant murals located mostly in the outdoor, welcoming area, and parking lot. The budget for the mural is $43,000 and is being funded by the county’s 1% for the arts fund.

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“All the murals have specific stories but are married visually with recurring imagery, color palettes, and patterns. The overall theme will be of transformation, lightness of being, and support, which is represented by butterflies. Resilience, growth, and nourishment is depicted by cactus flowers as well as endurance, joy, and healing, which is signified by a hummingbird,” said Herrera in a news release. “The work is intended to create a welcoming, positive and relaxing atmosphere for the entire area. The murals are meant to honor the villagers and staff with hopes that they feel uplifted knowing that they were created about and for them.”

According to a news release from Bernalillo County, last summer, the county requested artists from around the state to submit work. The county says the 30 proposals went through a review process including public comments to narrow the selections to the top three. The county says Arts Board members include two members from each of the five commission districts and represent the art fields in the community and work as visual artists, architects, arts educators, and arts advocates.