ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s homeless crisis took center at Wednesday night’s city council meeting. Councilors butted heads on whether to move forward on sanctioned homeless encampments. “Directing the administration to go answer the questions that everyone seems to have is not a bad thing, it doesn’t automatically authorize these things,” said Councilor Pat Davis. Brooke Bassan in opposition, who had previously been in favor of the camps, said people had made their voices heard and that they were done listening.

Councilors against the camps voted against having the city come up with rules for them. Those rules would only come into play if the camps ended up, which was called into question this week when Councilor Bassan backtracked and withdrew her support for the idea. That came after fierce backlash from community members in her Northeast Heights district.

Shie is now introducing legislation that would undo the new rules allowing the camps or at least create a one-year moratorium before they could be implemented. “It requires more funding, more infrastructure, more planning, more oversight, more organization, and it is definitely something that will take a lot more work,” said Bassan.

She failed to get the vote to fast-track that proposal onto the council agenda. The earlier it could come up for a vote is the middle of August.