ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind a multi-use stadium for New Mexico United. They say it will create a redevelopment opportunity for the community. A recent report released by the city identified two preferred locations for the stadium in the downtown area at Coal and Broadway or Second and Iron.

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“This is an opportunity to breathe new life into Downtown Albuquerque – an opportunity that we must not miss,” said Del Esparza in a news release, CEO of a downtown advertising agency and chair of the Chamber’s work on downtown transformation. “The City’s report sees Downtown as the stadium’s prime location, and New Mexico United would also like to play in a Downtown arena. Let’s get this done and help the downtown area become the vibrant heart of our city that we need it to be.”

According to a news release from the Chamber of Commerce, a survey of Albuquerque residents says more than 6 in 10 residents support the construction of a new
multipurpose arena/soccer stadium with just 23% of residents opposing the facility.

The news release states that if the authorization and financing of the stadium are placed on the upcoming November election, as expected, the Chamber urges voters to approve the project. They also say the downtown efforts include improving public safety and
reduce the impacts of homelessness on downtown businesses and residents.