He’s a therapist facing rape charges, and in a released video, police interview with one of Dr. Lamarr Edgerson’s clients who accused him.

Multiple women have reported being sexually assaulted by their former therapist inside a building at Yale and Gibson, once called Family Harmony.

“His name is Dr. Lamarr Edgerson,” said the woman in the police video. 

The former client of Edgerson’s is the only victim whose allegations have led to charges. 

“Someone who is held to really high ethical standards…my psychologist, he actually, he violated me,” she told police. 

In February 2017, the woman told Albuquerque Police that Dr. Edgerson would put her under hypnosis during therapy sessions.

“There would be clouds and I’d be in a different space,” she said.

But then, she told the officers the sessions took a turn. 

“Then I felt some pain between my legs,” she said. 

After she said that, the officers began to have a lot of questions. 

“What do you think he may have done while you were under the hypnosis?” said one of the officers.

The woman replied, “He used his mouth.”

She told them it got worse. She said one night after having a few drinks at a restaurant, Edgerson called her and offered to give her a ride home, but took her to his house instead. 

“He pushed me back onto the bed and he began to take my clothes off,” she said to officers. 

That’s when she then told the officers that Edgerson raped her. 

“Why didn’t you call the police after the second incident?” asked one of the officers. 

The woman then replied, “I actually thought it was part of the therapy.” 

She went on the say she was confused, as she was already being treated for past traumatic events. 

Before the interview ended, one of the officers asked the woman, “With this report that I write, are you wanting to see this doctor be prosecuted for this?” 

The woman quickly replied, “Yes.”

Two other women have come forward to police making allegations against Dr. Edgerson. One case has been resolved; the other woman just filed a police report within the last few weeks. 

Edgerson was charged with five counts of rape. Since his first court appearance, he has returned to Ohio, where he now lives.