ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The man accused of pointing a gun at a couple on I-25 in a fit of road rage is then accused of leading police on a chase around Albuquerque with his pregnant girlfriend along for the ride.

KRQE News 13 obtained the lapel video from the chase to the arrest. The incident happened back in August.

An Albuquerque man and his fiancé told officers they pulled off the freeway to call 911 because 26-year-old Fabian Romero had just pulled a gun out on them when they wouldn’t move out of the fast lane fast enough.

Only problem, Romero and his girlfriend 20-year-old Janessa Montano-Valdez exited the freeway at the same time. The couple claims Romero then fired shots at their car near the M&M gas station just off Coal Avenue.

Police caught up with Romero in the downtown area. According to police reports, he was driving a stolen maroon GMC. Officers pursued the SUV but Romero didn’t give up. At one point officers lost sight of the vehicle and felt it was too dangerous to continue chasing the SUV, so one officer called off the pursuit and asked APD’s helicopter to take-over.

According to police, Montano-Valdez hopped out of the SUV near Foothill and Blake in the South Valley. They said Romero ditched the SUV not too far from there and took off running and tried to hide in a stranger’s shed.

Police detained Romero and found a gun in a purse they said he threw on the side of the shed.

Once police had Romero and his girlfriend in custody, they both refused to give each other up. But when Montano-Valdez realized she was in big trouble, she told police Romero’s real name and that she was pregnant with his baby.

“He’s a crook. He’s a drug addict and you’re doing a disservice to your baby,” one officer said.

Romero also told police there was a third person in the stolen SUV, his buddy, named “Mario“ and that he’s the person who fired shots at the couple’s car. Police didn’t buy his story.

Romero is still behind bars. He has a long record so he’s also looking at charges for being a felon with a firearm.