State Police fanned out across northern New Mexico, when on June 1, they spotted a truck they were looking for north of Taos.

“Hop out of the vehicle for me. Step out of the vehicle for me now. Hop out of the vehicle now,” said an officer to John Powell.  

Inside a truck, police had found two accused killers, brothers, John Powell and Roger Gage.

Two days before on May 30, April Browne, Abraham Martinez, and Kierin Guillemi were found gunned down inside a Dixon home. 

The brothers were taken into custody and Powell wasn’t talking, but his brother had plenty to say.

“You and your brother are being charged with three counts of murder,” said the detective to Gage. He replied, “Really?”

Gage quickly made excuses, and said he often visited the home where the bodies were found. He said April Browne sold drugs there.

“So would your DNA be all over her house?” asked the detective. Gage replied, “More than likely.”

The suspect was adamant he and his brother weren’t involved in the murders. 

“There’s no way that me and my brother… no way, no way. I don’t care what anybody says,” said Gage.  

But the detective had the smoking gun, the killings were all caught on surveillance cameras inside the home. 

“That’s your brother, and that’s you,” said the detective to Gage as he pointed to a photograph from the surveillance video. 

Gage could no longer deny his involvement. He blamed drugs, then showed remorse for his alleged actions. 

“I’m not a bad person, I’ve made bad choices,” said Gage to the detective. 

In the video, officers also took a woman into custody. She said she’d been driving the brothers around the days prior and following the murders. 

The father and brother of one of the victims who found the bodies were also arrested. Police said they were caught on video rummaging through the home, even stealing items from their dead family member. They are not believed to be connected to the murders.